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Perception Mapping is a specialist in survey research projects. We can conduct a survey for you from start to finish -- or collaborate with you on applying our expertise where it is most needed, such as questionnaire design or data analysis.

Perception Mapping offers specialist survey research services tailored to the individual needs of your business and your project. We offer a complete start to finish service that covers all your research needs. Alternatively, we can collaborate with you on each stage of the research process, including data collection methods, survey questionnaire design, data analysis and reporting procedures.

Conducting research in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. Not only is it financially costly, it can waste your most precious resource: people. The man-hours taken to perform data entry, then verify, analyze and interpret the data can be considerable. In addition, it will take up a considerable amount of your valuable computer resources.

Even a small survey with 100 respondents answering 25 survey questions would result in 2,500 responses which will need to be entered into your computer, sorted and analyzed. At a conservative 2 minutes per response, the processing time would be over 80 hours!

Statisticians will tell you that the larger the data samples the higher the level of data accuracy. You do not want to derive incorrect assumptions from poor datasets. But large samples will require huge resources from your company that may interfere with other areas of your business.

Perception Mapping can provide an effective, thorough and affordable research solution for your business. We have customized many research surveys for individual businesses, including custom design of the survey response form, data extraction, and data analysis by Excel spreadsheet, Access database or flat file.

Perception Mapping conducts many survey projects and excels in the challenges of creating a unique survey program to meet your needs.  A small sample of custom survey projects include:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys, either transaction-driven or a broader relationship survey. We have particular expertise in research related to customer service functions.
  • Training surveys for both employees and HR.
  • Client assistance in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective survey automation tools.
  • Adapting an outsourced customer feedback program to an in-house use. We can provide process design, selection of automation tools, and training, mentoring and assistance to the project manager during the transition period.
  • Small-scale interactive interview projects that enable the client to accurately determine attitudes of customers, suppliers and employees to any area of business you wish to obtain data for.
  • Statistical and qualitative analysis of those program elements and key business practices most valued by your customers, which can enable you to grow your business strategically by increasing your sales through targeting your customers’ needs.
  • Comprehensive analysis of competitors’ selling and customer acquisition practices.
  • Facilitating a company meeting for the purpose of developing an action plan which addresses critical issues in growing your business and increasing profits.

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