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1. Our work teams conduct their own recruitment
2. We use occupational compatibility profiling systems to help identify a candidates best job fit
3. Negative employees who don't fit our work culture are quickly released
4. Individual Learning Plans are favoured ahead of Performance Appraisals
5. Employees receive a combination of technical, business and social skills training
6. Career development opportunities are available to staff
7. Our managers demonstrate excellent people coaching skills
8. Our leaders are very empowering
9. Managers provide effective performance feedback
10. Employees are given the best available equipment to complete their work
11. Our communication system is open and rapid
12. Appropriate operating budgets are available for our business units
13. Our employees work without supervision
14. Employees have the authority to do what ever it takes to service our customers
15. Our work teams are definitely self managing
16. We pay for performance rather than by the hour for attendance
17. Our employees stay even if they are offered an equal job, with more money somewhere else
18. Employees receive the extra personal time they need to manage their life outside of work